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General Info
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Comunidad Galilea Missions General Information
Please read the following carefully as it details important information related to both group and individual responsibilities.
1.       Cost of trip:
a.       $240 per person for a 6-day stay, starting on the date of arrival through the date of departure.  Each additional day after the 6 days is $20 per day.  If you are staying less than 6 days, $20 per day may be deducted (from $240).
b.      Note, these fees include airport transportation (pickup and drop off); room and board for the length of your stay, which includes 3 three meals a day each day as well as bottled drinking water; all transportation for missions related work.
                                                               i.      Personal transportation needs (e.g., sightseeing), are not included and are your personal responsibility.
2.       Group responsibilities:
a.       Each missions group has the option of purchasing certain items for distribution to the local people as part of the missions work. These items include, but are not limited to the following:
                                                               i.      Pigs and goats are $50 per animal
                                                             ii.      Fruit trees are $10 each
                                                            iii.      Beds are $40 each
                                                           iv.      100 pound sack of corn is $20 each
                                                             v.      These items can be purchased at the missions center.
b.      In addition to the above, we strongly encourage each group to bring various gifts to distribute to the locals, particularly children. Items of particular interest and favor are candy, clothes, shoes, bowls, plates, and stationary (paper, pens, pencils etc..)
                                                               i.      Each group has the option of bringing these gifts with you to Guatemala.  However, if transport of these items is difficult, the Comunidad may purchase these items on your behalf. We will then provide you the receipts for proper reimbursement.
3.       For medical missions teams, you must bring your own medical supplies/equipment as it is difficult for the Comunidad to obtain them. We recommend that any medical related items you bring be divided and packed equally in each group member’s luggage in case any baggage is lost or stolen.
a.       As the medical needs differ within each missions location, please confer with us first so we can provide you with specific guidance as to the medical supplies/equipment needed.
4.       Transportation:
a.       Comunidad Galilea missions center in Chisec is a 6.5 hour drive from the airport which is in Guatemala City. We recommend reserving a minimum of 7 hours for travel to the center upon arrival.  For this reason, all arrivals into Guatemala must be before 12:00 pm. Arrivals after 12:00 will require an overnight stay in Guatemala City. We strongly recommend early arrivals so that we may depart for the mission center on the same day.
b.      Similarly, all departure flights must be scheduled for after 1:00 pm.
c.       As the terrain is mountainous, we recommend that individuals prone to motion sickness take appropriate medication.
5.       Bus reservations:
a.       We reserve a special bus to transport your group to and from the airport. All bus reservations are handled one week in advance. Should your group change its plans (e.g., sightseeing or other stops) you must inform us one week in advance. The travel agency does not honor any reservations later than one week from the requested date. Any fees incurred due to changes in your group plans which are not communicated to the Comunidad one week in advance, will be your responsibility.
6.       Group information:
a.       In order to make the appropriate accommodations, please provide us with your exact flight number, airline, time of arrival and departure as well as total group size.
b.      We also need to know the name, gender, age of each group member.
7.       Miscellaneous:
a.       The address of the Comunidad is as follows:
Colegio Cristiana Galilea, Chisec, AV, Guatemala
b.      We recommend exchanging money outside of the airport, as exchange rates in the airport are generally higher than elsewhere.
c.       Individuals with particular food allergies or other dietary limitations/preferences should make their own arrangements as the Comunidad cannot accommodate individuals’ dietary restrictions. There is a refrigerator in the kitchen where special food items may be stored. Special food items that are not meant to be shared should be labeled with the individual’s name.
d.      Proper immunizations for foreign travel are your individual responsibility. For more information, you can visit the Centers for Disease Control web site at www.cdc.gov/travel/.
8.       For any questions, please contact: Asst. Pastor Keith Henson at (703) 314-8175